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More Cobblers?

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2024 10:56 am
by Kernow Yellow
I actually thought it was a decent game on Tuesday, and but for some moments of almost unbelievable incompetence we would have won comfortably. The starting line-up looked to be leaving the midfield very light, but it allowed us to go forward and create chances from the word go. So credit to Des for that. However, some of our players do not seem to be thinking clearly under pressure, and the manager must take some responsibility for this. But I don't think our fans are helping at the moment. We're in the top 6 under a new boss, unbeaten in five games, but there is little vocal support and plenty of audible disgruntlement. The scapegoating of Sam Long on YF and social media is also ridiculous - one crazy backpass aside, he was one of our better players on the night imo (along with Brannagan and Murphy). Much bigger worries are a lack of strength in depth both at the back, where Moore's absence really unsettles Us and Negru is looking shaky, and in midfield, where neither McEachran nor Matete are quite doing what is needed. If Cam's injury keeps him out for so much as one game, I'd be nervous.

At present I don't think we're near good enough to go up. But if we hang on to a play-off spot and have a full squad available at the end of the season, who knows? It's a funny old game...