Who the F**K is Liam Manning

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Who the F**K is Liam Manning

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Well Sat was fun wasn't it - a real show of unity from the fans and players at the end and a excellent game albeit quite nervy until Short made the changes and went to 5 at the back.

Ruben was the stand out player for me, he just sees passes which others don't and the players seem to be getting on his wave length now and knowing the areas he will be playing it into.

Felt a bit sorry for Mark Harris - a lick of paint away from a brace and getting into excellent positions and dragging their defence all over the place. He battles well as well - if the goals start flowing (and there are some doubts if they will) he will be the perfect centre forward for us. Thought Negru was fantastic when he came on - won his header, won his first tackle and immediately calmed us down - not bad for such a young lad. Also thought Moore was immense - winning every header. Mills also looked quality until he had to go off for the change of formation.

Was frustrating we let them back in, but they are a good team, especially at home and were always going to cause a threat but fair play to the lads and credit to Short for making the changes to ensure we held firm.

Great away day as well - Northcote pre and post match was a great venue and amusing to see Orient fans held back again at the end until Oxford fan cleared out which took a while given the fun at the end!

So Buckingham will be the man. Again mixed views on this - clearly a capable good coach who is willing to test himself and take himself out is comfort zone and challenge himself. Made a real positive impact at the clubs he has been and is a Oxford lad so will know what makes the area tick. However, does he have the knowledge and contacts in the EFL to do what Manning has done and bring in players of the quality we have. The recruitment team is there to help with this but I would prefer for a manager to have a reasonable knowledge of the market he is going into.

Either way good luck to him and hope he smashes it!
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