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Posh point proves potential progress - now including Vale analysis too

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2023 7:25 am
by Kairdiff Exile
Forked out my £2.50 to listen on iFollow yesterday, and I’ve never enjoyed hearing a 0-0 draw more. A point and a clean sheet is never a bad result, but yesterday this was even truer than usual.

I remember early on in Robbo’s reign after a terrible run we went to Southend and got a 0-0 and it signalled the turning of a corner and gave us a platform on which to build. Let’s hope yesterday does something similar, even if the game itself doesn’t live long in the memory.

Anyone from this board go? What did you make of it?

Booked my Accrington ticket whilst listening yesterday, as I fear we’ll still need something by that final game…

Re: Posh point proves potential progress

Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2023 3:52 pm
by slappy
A good away point at a team that are now in the play-offs. Seeing Morecambe lose 5-0 takes a bit of the gloss off our previous match 1-1.

Mainly I was just relieved we held on for the last twenty minutes plus 8 minutes added time.

Also was nice to have a crowd back onside again, though a few people were getting fed up with the Slumdon chants, but perhaps they aren't used to it. One chant again seems to be moving towards the London version.
"What do you think of team X? - "shit"
what do you think of shit? - "team X"
"that's alright"
I've never before this season heard us sing "that's alright", and they even sing it in a London accent.

Manning was fairly energetic, pacing around his very small techical area, similarly tracksuit clad as Robinson was, but less gobby.

Finally, we got to two good real ale venues. The Palmerston Arms which is under ten minutes from the ground with a decent range of ales on gravity fed. And the Charters converted barge on the way back.

Re: Posh point proves potential progress

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2023 10:05 am
by Kairdiff Exile
Barely seems worth starting a new thread for the draw at Vale.

For me, it's a point gained, and a welcome clean sheet. Manning has - rightly, in my view - decided to just make us hard to beat, and if we can nick a win then that's a bonus. Given the bin fire he inherited, I don't blame him. First we need to crawl, then we can learn to walk, then we can think about running. It probably means we'll go into those final games needing something - but if we do so on a relatively good run of results where we've not lost many and the defence is gelling as a unit, it's arguably a better platform than if we take more risks trying to win games but end up losing them.

I just wish to god, buddha and Matty Taylor that we still had an experienced s***house of a target man...

Re: Posh point proves potential progress - now including Vale analysis too

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2023 11:10 am
by Kernow Yellow
I'd been heartened by results in Manning's first three games in charge - I managed to catch the last hour of the Wednesday game in a bar in France and thought we really grew into the second half, and looked more likely to win it. Thus it was that I approached the match at Vale Park with real excitement - I do not believe we are going to remain unbeaten for the rest of the season, therefore we absolutely must win a game or two at least, and Vale had just capitulated badly to teams even worse than us. This was massive.

So while a point is definitely better than none, this was a big opportunity missed. I feel a win could have kick started a run to comparative safety. Now, we will almost certainly be going down to the wire of Forest Green and Accrington, where a slice or two of bad luck could easily see us relegated. There's not much point analysing the game itself too much - it was a turgid first half, and we relied on Eastwood to nick us a point in the second. I simply do not see where the goals are coming from. The match made me even angrier about the disgraceful position Robinson has left us in squad-wise. We know about Moore, Baldock, Henry and Bate, but where is Bodin? And Anderson? Konate? Tyler Smith made a belated appearance but didn't touch the ball. We are relying on a disinterested (and uninterested) Murphy to bring a bit of quality, and he's not doing it, though he's probably just about worth his place given the alternatives. The recruitment decisions we are lumbered with (not to mention not having Taylor at our disposal) have completely fucked us up. So ultimately I feel worse, rather than better, about our L1 prospects having witnessed Monday's performance. We have not won for fourteen games now, and I'm not sure Bolton, Pompey and Barnsley are likely to allow us to end that run. It will be very squeaky bum time before we know it. The only saving grace is that it looks like nearer 45 points than 50 might be enough this year. But who knows?

The trip was worth it for the Bull's Head alone though - fantastic and very welcoming Titanic pub, with about 15 ales on and locals very willing to chat about football, making it all the stranger that every other pub in the vicinity was 'home fans only' in very big letters. Odd place, Burslem - reminded me of the 1990's (which was the last time I went to Vale Park as it goes).