Board of Directors update

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Board of Directors update

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From Zaki Nuseibeh on twitter yesterday.

"I know it is boring but on an exciting day like today it's important fans understand our philosophy. We are an ambitious board who wants to build a sustainable football club. We do not want to gamble our way into promotion as this could go horribly wrong as it has done for many before us. We have to be disciplined but ambitious. Sometimes in this complex business we have to also be opportunistic, but this does not mean our business model changes as we will continue to operate within our preset limits. However, in the long run sustainability can only be achieved by increasing our revenues and reducing our annual losses. Today the main source of revenue is ticket sales and I hope as many #OUFC fans as possible will watch our talented team every week. Our away following is enough evidence of how much this club means to so many, and I hope this year, with all the momentum we currently have, will see our home and away following bigger than ever before. Can't wait for tomorrow and Saturday! #OUFC @OUFCOfficial"

Interesting comments from the only Director with an Oxford background and it looks like in recent months that he has been turning up at matches / pre-seasons etc. For the last 18 months this is perhaps the first statement of intent, and is encouraging that the board see the need for the club to operate within their limits, which presumably still includes significant external funding each year.

Also whilst I see their point about largest source of revenue being ticket sales (match day and season tickets), football league income is also significant and we shouldn't underestimate the value of cup runs including the value of a Wembley final. Plus of course player sales.

This article also raises the point that parachute payments and solidarity payments are going down (I think). ... -a-winner/
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