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St James Park

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So we took another look at Guthrie. Continuously been given number 22, which suggests the deal may already have been done, even if not announced. Did OK again.

The rumours of Ched Evans signing were unwelcome to my ears.

Brackley were an altogether superior side to either City or Thame. Very organised at the back, and comfortable on the ball, playing a counter attacking game with a very quick striker.

We started the game with a team comprising mainly those who had finished at Thame, and after an hour swapped to the remaining outfield players who were not under treatment.

We looked improved on the previous two nights, perhaps with the exception of Tony McMahon, who was to be honest, pretty awful, and frequently got caught in possession.

Ruffels looks very fit and has made left back his own position, and I am fairly confident in him in that position.

As each game has passed we have looked a bit more confident both on and off the ball, although chasing down from the front will need to be re-instilled into the game plan. Our passing is generally good - probing I would call it, and with regular decent final balls into the box. We really need a decent striker or two pronto.

This game differed from previous friendlies, in that there were far fewer unforced errors (to take the tennis term).

I didn't go to Rangers, so can't compare that 1st outing against a much higher level team who were more advanced in their preparations.

Things seem to be moving in the right direction.

Off to Kingfield tomorrow for what will be another tricky friendly.
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