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Meadow View Park

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:29 pm
by OtmoorYellow
So in this match, we more or less started with the team that finished at Court Place Farm.

We were pretty good to be honest and Thame were forced to play with 10 men behind the ball for 2/3rds of the match, and encamped deep in their own half. As it should be in these games.

Again Gavin Whyte looked exceptional and was ripping through the Thame defence, but everyone played well. The Thame keeper had a very good game, or the score would undoubtedly have shown a much wider margin.

After an hour, the team was changed to more or less the one that started at Court Place Farm. This XI was clearly not as good, but still much better than Thame. Sykes, Hall and Ruffels all showed their class. Hall scored a very nice lob over the keeper from a wide position.

A good work out for the team, and pre-season now stands at OUFC 7 The Rest 8.

A bit of a jobsworth on the turnstiles refusing to sell more than a couple of programmes to any one supporter. Non-league sides don’t need their type.

Off to St James Park tonight, and hopefully another good show.