Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

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Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

Post by yellowportly »


we want to start adding red/yellow cards received by players to the team line-ups and wondered if you'd like to help ?

We can provide the dates, and the teams, in MS Excel 2003, all you have to do is add whether there was a red or yellow card for that player on that day ...

I have no idea where to get these stats from, so any suggestions would be useful.

Either reply here, or send a message through the Contact Us page ...
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Post by SteMerritt »

You can get some of this information from

Only details from 1996/7 season, but should get you started.
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Post by Mally »

Did you get my message on this? If not I said I might be able to help out. Could you also provide a full list of players from each season as it easier to construct this from a player angle rather then an individual match angle.
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