Thank you from all of Namur players

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Thank you from all of Namur players

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I send you this message to thank you and especially John for all your hospitality.

We had really great time during our defeat ( 5-1...a bit hard, 4-2 seems to me more realistic ), during the Oxford Altrincham and at the club.

Your 1st team should be promoted without problems even if the league is still long. But you play a good football.

The sunday we visited your city and the least I can say, it's really beautiful. Even if it was pouring down....

Anyway, we'll come to attend to the title's game and a few of us will come earlier

See you soon

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Post by SWA »

Thanks Nico

Look forward to catching up again.

Hope you liked the Academy Nightclub also?

Allez PSG :lol:
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