Sheffuc*ing Frozen Until About Wednesday

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Sheffuc*ing Frozen Until About Wednesday

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Christ that was cold.

My first visit to Hillsborough. What a ground. Really lived up to expectations, and well worth the trip. And despite appearances, the game was an engaging spectacle, with some excellent chances for both sides and some real quality on display - albeit alongside some shocking moments such as Henry’s miss.

Brannagan coming off was a blow, and let’s hope it’s nothing serious. Murphy and Wildschut both did well and ratcheted the pressure up no end - but Murphy taking the pen was a big call. Looked to me like other players also fancied it, and I’d question his judgement in insisting that he take it. Although with Brannagan and Taylor off, and Henry having just missed a sitter, there maybe weren’t loads of viable other options.

Still, my maxim is that a 0-0 is nearly always a better result than it might feel, and today’s keeps our decent run going. And a clean sheet for this defence is arguably as important as a win.

Anyone else there today? Thawed out yet‽
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Re: Sheffuc*ing Frozen Until About Wednesday

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Respect. Coward that I am I bottled it, despite it being an easy train + tram trip. But, as with Accy, I was able to watch on iFollow. I know they were talking about changing the rule on Saturday 3pm broadcasts - does anybody know if it has formally changed, or is something else going on? Something about allowing this during the World Cup?

All in all, that was an entertaining match, with some good quality - although Wednesday only really seemed to get it together after Smith came on. As was said by RadOx and KR, if even the best striker in England can miss a was so frustrating at the time, but hey ho. Henry's miss was at least as frustrating, but the ball did come to him so quickly. Or am I just getting inured to disappointments and shortcomings in front of goal? Frankly we could have been two up in five minutes, but whilst Browne looked good at times running at players, in front of goal he still has not got back to where he once was.

The little we saw of Wildschut got me excited. Murphy did well apart from the penalty. Findlay made some good runs without losing the ball. And as KE says, a clean sheet (against the third-highest scorers in the division, we were informed by RadOx) was good.

On paper, a decent point, but looking at the game it was still two points dropped. Still, several positives to take forward. Having got over the dreadful early season form, we have now hit a plateau of too many draws. If we can start to convert more chances, things really could be looking up.
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Re: Sheffuc*ing Frozen Until About Wednesday

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I believe the Saturday 3pm iFollow UK live stream was a temporary change during the World Cup.

One for another topic, but there are lots of arguments about whether it should be widened to include the 3pm games as some people can pay and stream via VPN, others stream illegally. Then the next question is to how the revenue should be shared, apportioned or allocated.
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Re: Sheffuc*ing Frozen Until About Wednesday

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I went. A proper football ground with real history - albeit walking in through the Leppings Lane entrance is a fairly chilling experience. Sheffield is a great city as well, with some lovely pubs and pretty friendly locals. What's not to like? I hadn't been since the League Cup game in 1996 (Moody securing a 1-1 draw - one of the many great away days of that era) so wasn't going to miss this. I wasn't even that cold, but I was stood up near the back all game. Certainly warmer than the previous few days had been in Cornwall!

It was also nice to feel we were really on top for much of the game, but our finishing was woeful. Marcus Browne uses his pace and strength well to carve out opportunities, but almost always messes them up. Taylor did more than in other recent games I've seen, but it still wasn't enough, and when he got chances he didn't take them. As for Henry, that miss was an absolute shocker. And the penalty was not good, but the ref was very weak letting their number two put Murphy off for so long before the kick was taken (and then encroach so much that he easily cleared the rebound). Wildschut had a couple of sublime touches but his decision-making on the ball was poor. O'Donkor showed why he should be getting more pitch time.

The real stars were the defence, particularly Sam Long, and the central midfield, where Lewis Bate excelled for the second match in a row. I really hope we aren't about to see him recalled in January. Further up the pitch we still look like a team that has some skill but doesn't really know how to play together - which might be understandable given the number coming back from injury, but is a worry given how far through the season we are. Overall it was an entertaining match and promising performance, if ultimately very frustrating result. Wednesday were really poor for a team at the top. Maybe that shows how important the injured Bannan is for them? He was quality at Grenoble Road earlier in the year.

Anyway, on to Ipswich. I see people in the Other Place complaining that we have to go there on Boxing Day as it's too far. Honestly, would people rather we were playing at shitty Sixfields or Whaddon Road because they are a bit closer? Games at Hillsborough, Portman Road (and Fratton Park and the like) are the absolute highlight of the season for me. Again, I'll be there. Last time I went, Gabbiadini scored (for Us!) and we narrowly failed to hold on for a point. Apparently they're looking at their highest Boxing Day crowd ever - and this is a club that have won the UEFA Cup and English League title, and finished in the top six ten times. Should be fun. No doubt we'll find some reason not to wear yellow again though (despite playing against a team that wears both of our change colours). COYY!
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