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Fractious Park

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Missed the previous game, again fortuitously given the result so I appreciate my luck at watching mostly the better results might be influencing my opinions but I thought this was a good performance. Until Bodin got sent off we were much the better team, forcing the game to be played in Pompey's half (a lot of this was down to Bodin himself I thought). After 70 minutes I'd have been very disappointed with a draw, but at 98 minutes I was fairly relieved. Pompey's goal was fortunate, both with the deflection and the possible handball. We mostly defended well - if we blocked shots with this level of commitment in other games we'd have a few clean sheets.

O'Donkor did well, it's nice to see our young players coming through that look like professional footballers in terms of size and shape, he more than stood up for himself physically and the assist for the goal showed ability.

Still very difficult for us though, we seem to have a suspension problem on top of our never-ending injury crisis. It's not easy to be optimistic in the short term, but if we can be mid-table come the January transfer window it would still be possible to pull the season out of the bag, if we can sign some fit, fast players. However it is also very possible to see us in a relegation battle.
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Re: Fractious Park

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Just seen the brief highlights. It may mean nothing, but it was interesting that no fan seemed to jump up and berate all and sundry when Pompey scored. Maybe it was not hand ball. Sat here wearing a t-shirt (still lovely and warm in Tenerife) I can see that the t-shirt sleeve guidance depends on how long the t-shirt sleeve actually is. An obvious point, but once again it means discretion/inconsistency, depending on whether your team has just scored or conceded. Shame about Silly Billy Bodin, but positives do seem to be emerging from each (league) performance. Just need to keep all 11 on the pitch now.
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Re: Fractious Park

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Isaac wrote: Wed Oct 26, 2022 9:15 am However it is also very possible to see us in a relegation battle.
As I said on a previous thread, I think it's important to consider ourselves in a relegation battle already, at least until we're not any more. We're 23 points off top of the table, and four points off the rock bottom team. I've been reluctant to pass judgement on the team or manager thus far, but having been at the last three league games I've seen enough quality and fight to think that we're better off sticking than twisting at the moment. If/when we start climbing the table we can have a conversation about whether Robinson is the person to take us forwards, but I'd be very reluctant to change and risk an unknown appointment while we're so close to the relegation places on recent evidence.

Back to last night, and it was an enjoyable match in a proper football ground. In truth we bossed the first half, outplaying a top 6 team on their own patch. They were bound to come at us at some point, and had already started to do so before Silly Billy's second booking. The last 25 mins were as one-way as is possible, but as a backs-to-the-wall performance it was very pleasing. Bodin had actually played very well up to that point, as he had on Saturday. Good signs. Brannagan, who had been well below par against Posh, was also back to near his best, which was good as McGuane was pretty anonymous throughout. I don't understand what's going on with Anderson - he was signed as a wing back, but was played up front in the closing stages last night, leaving Tyler Goodrham massively exposed down the right flank. Strange. And don't get me started on wearing white with blue trim against a team wearing blue and white, when we could be wearing yellow. Not quite as annoying as wearing dark blue against Plymouth's dark green, but not far off. We're the bloody Yellows.

The frustrating thing is that we've only taken one point from two battling performances, but we knew these would be tricky fixtures. After Saturday, the matches get easier again, and Robinson needs to show that this improvement can translate into getting results against weaker teams. Otherwise it will be time to re-evaluate his position.
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