Can anyone smell Gas?

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Can anyone smell Gas?

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Well the run is well and truly over now.

Another appalling performance in front of a big crowd. The casuals will take a long time to return following this and the Boxing Day debacle.

Smith has gone back to Reading, McMahon is on his way out, we have a midfielder who KR has stated is regarded as the permanent long term right back, a midfielder playing left back, a centre back almost certain to leave within weeks, and another who heads the ball up to give Gas a second goal. We have a lone striker who has scored less than a handful of goals, a wide man seemingly on his way back to West Ham, and several long term crocks eating up the wage bill.

Luckily we have a couple of rough diamonds in CamBran, Henry and Whyte. Gawd only knows where we would be without them.

For some reason, we have reverted to playing as we were earlier in the season, tippy tippy around the back, no pass and move, and far too much long ball.

This is going to be a very important transfer window.

The one upside is that the mid table is cluttered with average teams, with not too many points in it to the top ten. Had we won just 3 of the games we have lost, we would be in that top 10, and perhaps feeling a bit better. That is a small margin to recover.
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