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Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.43 – Sunderland away

April 2, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.43 SUNDERLAND AWAY Pre-match Contrary to the advice I gave myself a few FVs back I’m currently doing anything but taking the one game at a time approach. In fact I’ve actually gone way beyond that and looked at all the remaining fixtures of half the teams in L1. To what end I’m  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.42 – Lincoln at home

March 28, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.42 LINCOLN AT HOME Pre-match After a load of Cobblers and some on Tuesday night I was not looking forward to my Friday night sat in front of Sky TV. That was until about 5 o’clock when proper pre-match anticipation kicked in. It always does at some stage however utter shite we have  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.41 – Northampton away

March 23, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.41 NORTHAMPTON AWAY Pre-match So what do I do? Accept that we’re not good enough to make the top six which on the evidence so far this season is hard to argue against? We’ve not been up to matching the better teams unless they’ve been having a really bad day (Doncaster). We’ve been  more ]

Fan’s View – 2020/21 – No.40 – Blackpool at home

March 20, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.40 BLACKPOOL AT HOME Before Tuesday night with the hand brake off, entertainment followed as did a re-igniting of play-off dreams. Pressure, in a good way, therefore remains. Eighth in the table in real time and on a PPG basis. Blackpool though are only three points behind us with two games in hand.  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.39 – Doncaster at home

March 17, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.39 DONCASTER AT HOME The state of play pre-match If we don’t win this it’s “game over” said Deadly on Facebook. For game read season. The league table hasn’t written us off but knowing how we’ve been playing for many games now and our inability to beat any of the better sides so  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.38 – Hull away

March 13, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.38 HULL AWAY If you know your history Every away game without fans is a day out following the boys that we’ll never get back. This one is lamented more than many others by quite a few because for them it would have been a new ground ticked off. Hull City moved from  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.37 – Swindon away

March 10, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.37 SWINDON AWAY Pre-match musings The build-up is so far removed from the usual. I’m sat in front of my computer screen twiddling my thumbs with just under two hours to the off so thought I’d twiddle some fingers too and bang a few words out. This is THE game. THE game because  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.36 – Charlton at home

March 7, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.36 CHARLTON AT HOME Sad Times I was sat at the kitchen table this Saturday morning eating my breakfast when my wife said, “Mickey Lewis has died”.  My reply was “What?” as in that can’t be true but sadly it was. I knew he wasn’t as old as me but hadn’t realised how  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.35 – Peterborough at home

March 3, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.35 PETERBOROUGH AT HOME Our opponents From 2009 Peterborough played three of the next four seasons at Championship level. They’ve not been back since their relegation in 2012/13 and have been in L1 ever since never being close to dropping further. On checking how they finished in each of those campaigns I was  more ]

Fan’s View 2020/21 – No.34 – MK Dons away

March 1, 2021 - Added by Paul Beasley

SEASON 2020/21 No.34 – MILTON KEYNES AWAY Taking stock As a fan with so much emotion invested in my football club I’m constantly taking stock with regard to our strength both on and off the field. As for the latter I’ve kind of parked the financial issues which Covid has brought to professional football, L1  more ]