From the Rage Online newsdesk Tuesday, September 1st, 1992  

It was a strange old morning
Yet I had slept all night
And although I was nervous
I thought ‘It will be alright!’
For those of you out there
Who have forgotten the day
The morning in question
Was the Second of May.

Boarding the coaches
In Castle Street
Was quite an adventure
(What one might call a feat)
There were three round the corner
And four on the slope
With hundreds of people
All filled with hope.

The journey was boring
and seemed bloody slow
But it had to be done
To get to Tranmere y’know!
Just around two
We arrived at the ground
My nerves turned and twisted
As I followed the sound.

The turn out was brilliant
And really helped out the squad
Although in the first 45 minutes
They needed a striker called GOD
The results were against us
And at half time I felt poor
As I have been to away games
And felt like this before.

But the lads came and battled
And made us all proud
To be stood on that terrace as
Part of their crowd
Durnin’s finish was lethal
And Joey got final reward
And as for Paul Kee
He made sure our defences were shored.

But all of the players
Each played their part
With battle and vigour
Defiance and heart
But all was not over
Until the fat lady sings
Until word filtered around us
And what joy victory brings.


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