From the Rage Online newsdesk Monday, February 1st, 1993  

When I behold his
     wondrous grace

And his dexterousness
     around the place

Tis difficult to image
     any other

Keeper at Oxford, first
     choice or cover

That could perform with
     such agility

Instinct, bravery and all
     round ability.

That’s the new boy, our
     man at the back

Last line of defence against
     their attack

Time and again he saved
     at Derby

Man of the Match, then Paul
     Reece would be

But still I fear, around
     the corner

That Horton will restore
     the former

Custodian, the flawed
     Paul Kee

Between the sticks, which
     means to me

Future tragedy, discontent
     and disaster

Bringing out our opponents

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