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All gone a bit quiet on here, hasn't it?

In an attempt to inject some enthusiasm, what games are we looking forward to this season then? Despite being a cynical old fart, I love Fixture Release Day. If you'd told me a week ago that in seven days' time I'd be getting excited about planning a potential mini-break in somewhere like Portsmouth, I'd have had you sectioned, but here I am doing just that, and also booking a hotel for the trip to Sheffield Wednesday and examining train prices to Derby. Non-football fans would never visit these places for pleasure.

What's on your hit list for the season ahead?
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Re: Fixtures

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So looking forward to popping over to Derby, only to see they have scheduled it for a day I am away with work. Hoping it gets moved to Sunday for TV.
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Re: Fixtures

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Derby is the only ground I haven't been to with Oxford. I went there once when we had a game against Burton on a Saturday moved to the Sunday as Derby had Stoke at home in the FA Cup, and as I had the trains booked, I went to that match (as well as going back to Burton on the Sunday).

Sadly it clashes with Guildford beer festival which I have committed to going to, and it looks like there are already Championship fixtures on the Friday evening and Sunday, so I can't see the game being moved for tv. I reckon there will be some sort of takeover at Derby so they can start the season.
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Re: Fixtures

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I was wondering when, if ever, we've been scheduled to start the league season in July? I've always rather resented it starting in August given sports clashes ... Couldn't find a relevant ad hoc query on the RageOn stats pages, can't find my Complete Record and haven't the energy to go through season-by-season.

Edit: seems not - can't see anything earlier than 3rd Aug.
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