What's it Hall about (Alfie)?

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What's it Hall about (Alfie)?

Post by Mooro » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:04 pm

Forgot to say - I saw first hand the point that GY (and others) have made about how far infield Hall drifts, but I'm not sure he is doing it in defiance of instructions though. Instead it appears that we do not play a straight 442 with him in the side, more a 4-3-1-2.

When looked at like that, it raises other questions:
i) What instructions is/should Potter be given within that - should he stay out as a right winger, meaning we are lop-sided with Hall trying to play centre and left (with Newey coming forward), or should he be given more freedom to try both wings and the hole as he sees fit (or is that too big a responsibility on his own, particularly against XI men)? On Saturday, he was clearly relishing moving around and although the goal came from a run down the right, he also made telling contributions centrally and even on the left, but that was against ten men with four in midfield behind him.
ii) If we stop thinking of Hall as a direct replacement left winger, does that change the nature and appraisal of his contributions thus far? Instead of expecting him to be hitting the by-line every moment as Rigg (or another winger) would, is what he does instead proving an important cog in our performances and getting the chances and goals we do create?
iii) The one that has been debated at length already, while it appears to work away from home, do we need Whing, Rose AND Hall in the middle at home, or should we go back to two wide players from the start, and if so, which of the central three should make way?

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