7 in a row

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7 in a row

Post by recordmeister » Thu Jan 28, 2021 12:31 pm

Well that was a barnstomer wasn’t it.

Low on quality, high on entertainment.

What a roll we are on. Shame it didn’t move us up a position or two.

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Re: 7 in a row

Post by Dr Bob » Thu Jan 28, 2021 2:32 pm

For once, tabloid headlines like "seven goal thriller" and "bonkers match" are absolutely spot on. It is a while since I have been so fidgety with nervous energy watching a match, given how it kept swinging back and forth. All of our goals were again really good - but the collective defending was for once really dodgy. Stevie K picked up how Agyei kept coming inside, not giving Long any cover out wide - but certainly for their first goal, Long had gone inside as well, so by the time he got back out, he was not set well enough to stop the shot. As for their other two goals, well...

But we just kept on going. We are getting so much better at taking the chances when they come. Agyei's footwork to create space for the first, Henry's pinpoint cross and Moore's perfectly placed header for the second, oh the shot for the third (it was still rising as it hit the back of the net) and Shodipo's coolness to create space for the winner. I certainly prefer it when we are more solid at the back, but going away from home, conceding three, coming back from 2-1 down and getting the winner having conceded such a poor third are all signs of a team that, even when bad things happen, keep on going.

Having seen off The Gas despite their excellent Kassam record, we just need to build on this never say die performance and dispatch another bogie team on Saturday.

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Re: 7 in a row

Post by slappy » Thu Jan 28, 2021 4:12 pm

This was a game that I wouldn't have travelled to - I gave up on most midweek games a while back.
However, I have now got into the habit of watching the games on iFollow at home on the computer, comfortable office chair and a beer for each half.
Compared to a few years back, the picture quality is better, it doesn't glitch and pixellate like before, and for me is as up to date as a twitter feed following the match.
Also decent commentary whereas before was I think just the picture, and the video crew manage to replay goals during the match.
Someone was asking why different commentary on radio compared to iFollow. Various explanations were : syncing live commentary to the video stream different to radio due to time lag; BBC not allowing salaried employees to travel but freelance could; isolation travel rules (though this was from when Oxfordshire was still Tier 2) etc. Any right answers?
Also enjoyed the post match pub analysis "Not At The Game" once I'd worked out how to get back to Radio Oxford on BBC sounds.
Great entertainment, Long's goal, particularly the last minute half way punt that Stevens managed to parry and clear up field, only for their goalie to fluff the clearance for Shodipo to curl the ball in from distance. In the background you can hear someone shouting "shoot" and as the ball is going in, a Northern accent despairingly crying "no no no no".

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Re: 7 in a row

Post by Kernow Yellow » Thu Jan 28, 2021 4:53 pm

A hard one to analyse, but lots of fun. We were pretty poor defensively, much of which stemmed from the midfield as usual. Hanson looked ok on the ball, but never seemed to be in the right place to pick up any loose balls, and Rochdale moved it around us quickly and effectively. Long completely missed his man's run for their first goal - and could Stevens have done better? The shot wasn't exactly out of his reach. And their third was just hopeless all round - Obita failing to stop the cross, and any number of players failing to defend it.

At least we look dangerous attacking set pieces as well as defending them these days. Agyei had already created a golden opportunity for himself with great footwork before he scored. And Henry's shot was a scorcher - mind you, it's about time that some of his shots start troubling the goal again, as that's pretty much been his strongest suit in the past.

At 3-3 I was happy to take an entertaining draw. Lucky Stevens was awake for their superb late shot from well within their own half - very reminiscent of Peter Leven. And then Shodipo's calmness to punish their keeper's error only a few seconds later was the icing on the cake. You know things are going your way when pasages of play like that happen.

Lots of talk of the play-offs, and with our form you can see why. I'm still not convinced that we are good enough to challenge at the top of the table. It's noticeable that our recent victims have all been at the wrong end of the form table, and we've only beaten one of the teams above us in the league (and none of the top 6) all season. Also, I'm not that bothered about another promotion push watched on ifollow, though it's better than a relegation fight of course! Bring on live football again. At some point. Maybe.

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Re: 7 in a row

Post by slappy » Fri Jan 29, 2021 5:37 pm

So onto tomorrow. Possibility of a record breaking seventh league victory in a row, against a team whom our record is played 12, W0, D2, L10.
Fleetwood's recent league record is D3, L3.
What could possibly go wrong? [A - match called off?]

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Re: 7 in a row

Post by OtmoorYellow » Sat Jan 30, 2021 3:50 am

Runs and records are made to be broken #ibelieve

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