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Post by Jimski » Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:31 pm

... showed us how to play effective football tonight.

While we passed it about oh-so-nicely in areas that didn't matter, they drove straight at goal each time they got the ball, and could have won by more tbh. A very well organised side that plays decent football and makes the most of their possession.

We look a long way behind them, despite all the hyped signings.

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Re: Burton...

Post by Shoobedoo » Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:51 am

Agreed. Burton were a very good side on the night and were worthy winners.

It's fair to say a few of ours were below par though (at least compared to previous performances this season).

I think we may see Elliott Moore make his league debut on Saturday. We were back to the Mousinho error-strewn performances of old.

Giving the no. 10 role to a kid - however talented - is risky; I'm not critical of Woodburn, I like having him in the team but you have to accept he's going to disappear occasionally. I'd like to see Henry back there for a game, especially as he now has Taylor to work with.

Put Forde (whose second half performance merits his retaining in the side, even if his first half one didn't) one side and Fosu, assuming he's now fit, on the other.

Brannagan didn't deserve to be on the losing side. He was immense. Although he needs to keep his temper in check.

Gorrin has a hamstring problem, judging by the half-time test, and the ice bag he was holding at the end of the game.

A disappointing night, especially after all the positivity of the last few weeks. But one poor performance doth not a bad side make (he says hopefully)… I still think we've got a heck of a talented squad this year.

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Re: Burton...

Post by Isaac » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:15 am

First one I've managed to watch online this season, Burton were excellent but I thought we were alright going forward as well - especially as Woodburn went missing for large parts of the game and it was Taylor's first game. One thing on him though, he's hardly been prolific, or even played that much while he was at Bristol City - 9 goals since January 2017. It could take him a while to get going, if he does get going.

Defensively we looked dodgy and that will hold us back this year, Dickie looked good with the ball but Eastwood seemed unusually flappy and Mousinho is not really a league 1 standard defender (as cover he might be ok, but he's better covering midfield). A lot will depend on Moore, but other than that who is there - Long as cover? Any defensive injury and we'll be in trouble.
I was impressed by Cadden - seemed like the ideal energetic league 1 right back, up until he tried to cross the ball which was more sporadic in quality.

Brannagan reminded me somewhat of Ledson, both in temper but in quality also. We'll do well to hang on to him for long.
Anyway, if all the games are like that we'll be in for an entertaining season if nothing else.

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Re: Burton...

Post by Kernow Yellow » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:20 am

First game I've seen this season too, albeit on a very small screen.

The good moments were very good - some lovely quick passing and vision, so I can see what people have been raving about in that respect. But the bad bits were awful. Yes, Burton were focussed and direct, but we pretty much ushered them into our penalty box at will. We gave them far too much space in the middle of the park (and gave them the ball too often as well), which meant our back four was under too much pressure. The midfield were the ones to blame though for not bloody tackling.

Brannagan's passing was quite brilliant at times - more Lundstram than Ledson - but he was very lucky to get away with his blatant retribution on Edwards, and needs to keep his discipline in check. Very neat finish, mind, and a real asset as an attacking midfielder. Who can play the holding role though? Not Gorrin on last night's showing.

I didn't think Eastwood did much wrong, but the left hand half of our defence was very creaky. Mousinho was at fault for at least two of the goals, including the opener where he lost his man at the corner. Dickie and Cadden looked good though. Too early to judge Taylor up front - he looked a bit too eager to impress and nothing really came off for him. Forde (goal apart) and Woodburn looked fairly anonymous too (with the caveat of my poor vantage point).

While we did well to come from behind once, we looked fairly clueless when trying to do it again in the late stages. Players started to try and do too much individually. And they looked tired too, which was disappointing after making three attacking changes. We could easily have conceded 2 or 3 more at the end. We need to stick to the game plan for 90 minutes.

Obviously I didn't see the previous games, but I can't help feeling some people are getting a bit carried away with our start. We have 4 points from 4 games - a marked improvement on last season, but hardly setting the division alight.

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Re: Burton...

Post by OtmoorYellow » Thu Aug 22, 2019 3:11 am

Burton had done their homework on us. They knew how we play through the centre, and on to the wide men for crosses into the box. They knew if we pushed too many forward at a time, it leaves big holes in the centre. So they closed down very quickly on our ball players, giving little space for any creativity. Our off ball movement was not great and so we lost the ball much too often. Burton then exposed the big holes in the middle with ultra quick counter attacking football by 3 or 4 players at a time, which then exposed our lack of pace in the centre back positions. With one or both of Cadden and Ruffels in attacking positions and not recovering quickly enough, it was inevitable that we would concede.

What was disappointing was that Robbo did little to change our game plan either with, or without, substitutions when in defensive mode.

Gorrin had a poor game and allowed his frustration to show at times. It was right to sub him, both for the reduced standard of his play, and to prevent him getting a second yellow card. Mousinho reverted to type at centre back. It was always going to unravel when the opposition put a strong quick forward up against him. He is worth so much more to the team in front of the back four. I felt Dickie seemed to lose a bit of confidence when Mousinho started making errors. This centre back pairing was disastrous last season and this needs resolving asap.

I felt Taylor had a pretty decent first game, especially given his lack of game time, but I agree that it would be better to play Henry just behind him, rather than Woodburn who I have been a little disappointed with so far. Woodburn maybe young, but he is quite a big lad and needs to be stronger and more determined in challenging for the ball and provide assistance to Taylor in recovering the ball.

Cadden is a real find and I hope we can hang on to him longer than his present loan deal.

I wonder if Eastwood was a little slow to get down to the goal from the edge of the area at the East Stand end, and he was buffeted quite a bit when going for crosses. Generally, defensively we were pretty crap, as is evidenced by the conceding of 4 goals at home, to what will be an upper midtable team.

Very early days of course and nothing to be worrying about.

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