Wombling Three (nil)

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Kernow Yellow
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Wombling Three (nil)

Post by Kernow Yellow » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:04 am

Not had the chance to comment on this yet.

An odd game really. Decent performance by Us certainly. It was nice to see us starting with a really good workrate, matching the Dons at pressing. And we played some gorgeous football at times. But it has to be said that long periods of the match were pretty dull, with aimless chips forward to no-one in particular. It also has to be said that if Wimbledon had any players that could finish the score could easily have been nearer 3-3, as they spurned some golden opportunities.

But we were worthy of the victory, and everyone acquitted themselves well. Thomas and Payne were particularly good up front, with Wes's goal particularly well-worked and well-taken - great centre forward play. Ledson was the pick of the midfielders although Henry's hard work was also instrumental in our victory. Nelson and Mousinho look like a good pairing - both can play football which helps! Nelson was imperious at times. Eastwood hardly put a foot wrong (apart from one cross in the second half which he started coming for before retreating and was lucky to see the resulting header flash wide). And Ricardinho has quickly become my favourite player. What a guy! Loving his song too.

The only disappointing performance for me came from Ribeiro - everything Wombles did came down his side, and he seemed to misread balls into his channel, with the result that Barcham was made to look a lot better than he actually is, at least in the first half. That was only my second game of the season - both 3-0 home wins. In the first (Pompey) Ribeiro was my MotM, yesterday he was my weak link but not a disaster by any means. Oh and Gino - wtf? A pretty embarrassing cameo all round from him.

But plenty of positives to take from that. Two great results back-to-back. Onwards and upwards.

Dr Bob
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Re: Wombling Three (nil)

Post by Dr Bob » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:53 pm

Compared to the Walsall game, it was great to see us play with more tempo and intensity. I really dislike the phrase "you have to earn the right to play your football", but I must admit that, at times, that is what we did. Got to agree with KYs observation about the spells of dullness. No wonder the crowd was so quiet at times. I also suspect that I was not the only one waiting for the physical side of AFCs play to come through - and surprised it never did.

Having been critical of Ricardinho after the Walsall game, I thought his defensive play was much better. Just after the kick-off, the RadOx people across the aisle from me were talking off-air about how the Wimbledon 33 (with the blond dyed hair) had been put out next to Ricardinho, on the presumption that AFC would play long high diagonal balls that wee Riccy would not be able to get to. Not sure their 33 got the better of Ricardinho once all afternoon. Hah!

i also thought it was one of Thomas's best games for us. The goal was superb, but the way he led the line until he ran out of puff (or maybe just got fed up with being fouled without the ref actually blowing up) was really important.

This new style of play is clearly still work in progress - but there does seem to be progress being made.

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Re: Wombling Three (nil)

Post by Old Abingdonian » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:07 pm

I would agree with all of this: I too felt we 'earned the right to play football', because Ledson & Ruffles were taking no prisoners, and we closed them down well. I also enjoyed the Taylor / Ricardinho duel. One poster said that Henry is the kind of player whose contribution you miss when he's not there, and certainly on Saturday he did a great deal of solid, unspectacular work. For many years, we've said OUFC can't beat the poor sides at home, and three 3 - 0 home victories would certainly suggest progress on this front.

Negatives? We have to keep Thomas & Obika fit, even if we treat them as one player to help protect their hamstrings /knees / whatever. And Pep has to work out how to use van Kessel, because he clearly has skill (and goals in him), but can also be embarrassingly bad.

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Re: Wombling Three (nil)

Post by Kairdiff Exile » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:52 pm

Old Abingdonian wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:07 pm
...Henry is the kind of player whose contribution you miss when he's not there
This. I think he's a technically superb player. Won't put in the sort of sizzling performance that a Maguire or a Roofe might have done on the wing, but is a good passer, has a good engine and reads the game very well indeed.

Very much looking forward to gauging our progress on Saturday at Brizzle Roverzz after their 6-0 humping of Little Old Northampton Town.

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Re: Wombling Three (nil)

Post by Geoff » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:33 pm

Thoroughly enjoyed that game. We out hustled a strong hustling team. The kind of team we always struggle against. Our midfield ran their socks off to win the ball and passed it quickly once in possession. Excellent goal from Wes.

Got my ticket for Brizzle. Hoping for more of the same. This is my closest ground so I shall enjoy getting home in less than an hour! It usually takes me two hours from Grenoble Road.

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