Where will we finish?

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Where will we finish

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Automatic Promotion
Promotion via play offs
Play offs (Losing)
Lower mid
Relegation battle
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YF Dan
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Re: Where will we finish?

Post by YF Dan » Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:01 pm

I don't think we are quite as strong now as we were last January...around Swansea, Millwall (a) we were a great team in supreme confidence.

However, I still believe we are strong, and I'm confident with the 'momentum' and good-feeling we have around the club...and the general strength of our squad in all positions, I think we're in for a good season.

Of the new players, I think Nelson looked better than Martin, who looks a little slow. On the evidence of one game in Barnet, I'd say Dunkley is by far our best CB.

Tyler Roberts will be a handful - he's full of pace and tricks but he may frustrate in equal measure, didn't see enough of Hemmings to pass comment really, Rothwell looked a little off the pace but we have to give him a chance to adapt to the physicality of lower league footy, ditto Crowley, but he does seem capable of little bits of magic. Wes Thomas looked a useful acquisition... a decent touch and a willingness to get into scoring positions.

Of our old skool squad, I think Skarz is looking a little vulnerable, he just seems a bit slower than he was before the injury. Taylor just winds me up...he wants to do the pretty lay-offs and the unthreatening stuff outside the box, but just never looks like scoring. Against Barnet the ball fell nicely to him on the penalty spot, just the keeper to beat and he went for a pretty little chip into the top corner, which the keeper easily caught. Roofe, or a natural finisher, would have leathered it.

I think I'd go: Eastwood, Ribeiro, Dunkley, Nelson, Skarz, McDonald, Sercombe, Lundstrum, Maguire, Thomas and Hemmings to start next week. I think that still looks a decent team and with lots of options from the bench.

Bring it on.

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Re: Where will we finish?

Post by SWA » Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:39 pm

Lot of negativity on this thread. I have gone for automatic too like Dan
If Burton can do it, no reason why we cannot.

Matt D
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Re: Where will we finish?

Post by Matt D » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:12 pm

lower-mid possibly relegation battle for me.

we've gone from being a side with a top budget for our league to one where as far as I can gather we're likely to be lower-mid in league one. we've got a side that is clearly going to need some time to gel and is unlikely to hit the ground running and build confidence (IMHO). hemmings aside, our signings have largely indicated that: either players who've performed at a higher level but age and/or injury mean they're dropping down, or they've performed at a lower level but unproven at this level, or they're loanees looking for experience of first-team playing time.

appleton proved me wrong last season, so I hope he's going to do so again, but I fear that if we're heading into this season with expectations of battling for promotion then we're setting ourselves up for a difficult time. my aspiration is a season of consolidation, and if we get to the end having not had to worry about relegation and beat Slumdon twice in the league, i'll consider that a success.


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