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Post by recordmeister » Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:02 am

So, who went and what were your thoughts? I managed to catch the 2nd half on a feed on the 'net and it seemed pretty much like we had our backs to the wall, but the first half (which I listened to on RadOx until I found out I could watch it online) seemed much more even.

Would love the thoughts of anyone who went.

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Post by Werthers Original » Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:17 am

It was fun! Pretty end to end stuff and a chance to enjoy the football from both sides without worrying about the result. Maguire was excellent and seemed to be saying he'd be our main man this year. He's got a real arrogant swagger about him which is fine if he's on your side and can justify it. The other player who really impressed me was Taylor, who's never been great for us but was winning lots in the air against the Prem champions' first choice centre backs. New goalie inspired confidence without being massively busy. Jonny Giles came on and looked decent, probably won't be first choice but was confident and enterprising. Not sure where the goals will come from though, Wes Thomas missed a good chance and wasn't really in the game. Would have loved to see Hylton give Leicester a chasing.

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Post by Old Abingdonian » Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:15 pm

Agreed - I don't normally do friendlies, but for complex family reasons arrived at this one. Martin had a fantastic game, I thought. I agree Maguire looked confident and assured. Crowley tried to run with the ball a lot, and I like his confidence. He lost the ball quite often, but less accomplished midfielders might well be less successful against him.

My only disappointment was Thomas, who looked a bit ordinary, and slow to react. On the other hand, he won't be up against Huth and Morgan every week.

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Post by Hog » Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:32 pm

I'm another who doesn't normally do home friendlies but I thought I'd make an exception for this one against The People's Champions and I'm glad I did.

I was collecting my ticket at the time the Leicester team bus arrived and watched them get off and it immediately struck me how immaculate they all appeared even though they were wearing bulk standard issue kit. Sharp hairstyles, designer beards, shaped eyebrows, nice tans, all the appearance of young men with plenty of spare cash - I don't suppose I'll ever be that close to so many millionaires in one place at one time but good luck to 'em! Their de-bussing also seemed to be stage managed with one leaving every 45 seconds or so - I don't know what they do while they wait their turn, finish a level on Candy Crush or order a new car I suppose. I was particularly impressed with Ranieri who stopped and posed for every selfie and signed every item he was asked to with a beaming smile, a real class act.

Football wise Leicester were very impressive (as I suppose you'd expect!) and were so fit, fast and athletic, comfortable on the ball and their timing and precision in attack was obviously much better than anything we're used to seeing and streets ahead of the Swansea side we beat.

I think our performance has largely been covered above but I would add that Lundstram looked a class act again and was spraying the ball about beautifully. I thought the Arsenal lad was a bit ponderous on the ball and soon had it taken off him. Skarz looks fit again and got forward well and the goalkeeper played well with a couple of sharp saves, particularly one at point blank range and his distribution was good.

Overall an entertaining game and I'm feeling a little more comfortable with the massive overhaul of the side although I'm still dismayed at the disposal of Hylton and Wright in particular.

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Post by Matt D » Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:16 pm

an enjoyable evening in the sunshine, I went for the opportunity to applaud the unlikely champions and to see our new boys, but i'm not sure what I really learnt about Us.

I too was pleasantly surprised by giles. i'd sort of filed his signing away in a category of 'novelty signing that won't come to anything', but he looked good on the ball, sharp, some pace, and incisive. our team were looking to get the ball to him as soon as he came on. wonder if there is something there after all.

you couldn't really say anything much about our front line. taylor did battle away, but thomas didn't really get a sight of goal, other than the header he got under pretty awfully. roberts looked sharp in the short period he played but failed to get on to the one half chance that came to him.

lundstrum and maguire both looked good, our defence largely played well with dunkley looking both as effective and as wayward in the space of a minute as he can do... no one looked completely out of their depth against the premiership champions, but as I say, who knows what we read into all that?

roll on some competitive football...

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