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Re: Captain gone

Post by recordmeister » Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:46 am

Well that answers my Maguire question: ... _Rothwell/

Don't like the fact he left it so long, however.

This however, is very promising:

"Rothwell, 21, leaves Old Trafford without making his senior debut, although he was included in Louis van Gaal’s matchday squad for the 1-0 home Premier League win over Watford in March."

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Re: Captain gone

Post by GodalmingYellow » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:11 pm

recordmeister wrote:You play a good Devil's Advocate, GY.

Ultimately, it was widely acknowledged that we were the best team in L2 last season (and barring playing so many cup games may well have won the title), but it must be recognised that we're not in L2 anymore, so that fact is irrelevant.

We have a new season, and a new challenge which demands new players. Some of these will be forced (Roofe), others could have been avoided (Hylton) and some just needed going (Slocombe) but equally you can't keep a huge squad, we don't have unlimited playing budgets and there probably needs to be a one-in, one-out attitude at the club.

To massively misquote Churchill, ask not what it'll be like without Wright, ask what it'll be like with the player who comes in as a replacement.

NB: I'm sure Churchill would have supported his local club, so let's just assume he'd have said this on this forum.... ;)
I like it RM.

I saw the new boy at Solihull on Saturday. Can't tell anything from 45 minutes of course, but I'll extrapolate beyond belief as usual just for the sake of continuing the discussion. He did OK without looking head and shoulders above the others, certainly no better than Wright. One who did look even better than last season though, was Chey Dunkley. His control of the back line was very impressive indeed, and his pure physicality was more than enough for the Conference strikers. We'll do well to hold onto him.

Ribeiro was another who looked particularly good, as was the very talented Dan Crowley. If you haven't seen the video of Crowley doing the rounds, then do so. He is something special.

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