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Free pints + 3 points!

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:59 pm
by Mr T
Before the game:
The stretch of M6 from Lancaster to Penrith must be the most scenic in Britain, especially with the snow covered mountains on both sides.
How does a pub host 1000 punters in 2 hours? With an orderly queue out onto the pavement monitored by local police; wasn't hungry or thirsty enough to wait, but the gesture was well intended.
So off to the rarely used away terrace at Brunton Park, with no pies in the small kiosk!
An amazing turn out of 2,283 travelling fans, which made for a great atmosphere building up to kick off.
As for the match:
We needed an early goal to settle our nerves, and after a sublime turn from Danny H we attacked and got a penalty, dispatched with aplomb by Maguire.
Their fans nearest to us decided to fight amongst themselves with some evicted; very strange behaviour.
Several good chances went begging, COD (twice) and Macdonald being the main culprits, and as a result the Cumbrians gained the confidence to mount attacks which were too close for comfort, in particular one late on that Benji managed to smother at point blank. 2 loud shouts for penalties were both given as free kicks inches outside the box, but then the 2nd goal; you could feel the tension ooze out of us all. Even the introduction of Derek Asamoah did nothing to spoil our afternoon.
After match:
A great touch from the home fans after the final whistle had gone and their team had left the field, hundreds in the main stand stayed to applaud our players off the park.
And is Keith Curle trying to outdo Paul Tisdale in the dapper stakes?!
And then the sight of our chairman walking past the terrace towards the tunnel with a huge grin on his face.
Bring on the Chairboys...

Re: Free pints + 3 points!

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:53 pm
by Kernow Yellow
Another very good away performance. Utterly dominant for long periods but as usual squandered plenty of opportunities to make the game safe, and relied on a very lucky refereeing decision ( when Carlisle clearly should have had a penalty for handball - one of a number of baffling decisions) to stay in front before we got the killer second goal.

Not surprised that Skarz was withdrawn at half time as McQueen was giving him an increasingly torrid time, and Lundstram's introduction seemed to significantly weaken our central midfield for 20 mins or so before he got up to the pace of the game. But apart from that everyone played very well, slight profligacy apart. Dunks was immense, Maguire was excellent in the first half and never ran out of energy, Danny was his usual self and Ruffels looked particularly assured. Even Benji was faultless, a couple of wayward kicks aside. We could and should have scored 5 or 6.

I also gave up with the queue in the Magpie and instead took 25 minutes to get served at the Lakeland Gate. The pubs of Carlisle were certainly not adequately prepared for our invasion! And what a turnout, especially considering the trains weren't running. I can't believe that Carlisle charge full price for those seats set up to 15 yards behind the goal along the side though. That really takes the piss. Still, a great day out and one win away from the ultimate prize. COYY!

Re: Free pints + 3 points!

Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 2:22 pm
by SmileyMan
Mr T wrote:Bring on the Chairboys...
My Wycombe-supporting friend says they were absolutely abject at home yesterday - most of the players had clearly already gone on holiday for the summer.