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Re: Contracts

Post by Matt D » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:29 pm

GodalmingYellow wrote:Sercombe is ooc and like Lundstram we have a 1 year option. Taking up the option is a risk on the expense of his wages for a year versus potential smallish transfer fee. Not worth the risk to have an unhappy player on the books, and he has apparently been seen back at Exeter City. But if things can be properly patched up with MApp (I heard the argument was about Sercombe having a go at MApp for team selection at Wembley) then he is worth hanging onto as a back up central midfielder. He's no better than Lundstram, Ruffels, or Ledson imho.
that's interesting. so maybe the contract extension talk is more of a threat to try and reinstate some club power and see if things can get patched up, and if they can't, not actually trigger the extension? I hope we can sort things out, sercombe's always come across as a very level-headed professional until now. and I agree, big risk for the club to assume they'll get a sale and it puts pressure on the fee they can accept to make it worthwhile.

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