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Team for Hartlepool

Post by Mooro » Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:00 pm

Posted this on the other side, but thought I'd put it on here too for comments....

"I think there are four possibilities that Wilder will choose between for the starting line-up and/or through the game (all of which assume the same back four, keeper and Rose & Davies in midfield).

i) 433 - Smalley between Potter & Rigg with Hall joining Rose & Davies in midfield.
ii) 442 - Smalley with Hall up front, Potter & Rigg wide.
iii) 442 - Smalley with Potter up front, Williams & Rigg wide.
iv) 442 - Smalley with Marsh up front, Potter & Rigg wide.

Bench: Jalal, Bevans, Ruffels, Williams, Marsh(Shama), O'Dowda, Shama(Lynn).

Of course, (i) & (ii) involve the same XI, so they can switch between the two (and back again) depending on how the game is progressing.
I suspect that CW will not want to start with Williams, so I think (iii) is unlikely as a starting line-up, but I do think that he might seriously consider (iv) as a starting line-up, given the opposition, but only if Marsh is available (he will not consider this without Marsh as Shama is not ready, a view I agree with).

In the end however, I think the flexibility between (i) & (ii) will mean that CW uses that as his starting line-up, which then also gives him more options for substitutions than if he starts with (iv):

He can change between (i) and (ii) depending on how much control of midfield we can establish.
If we get in front then he'll probably keep that line-up well into the second half, before bringing Marsh on for Hall.
If Rose and Davies are coping but we haven't got ahead, then he can push Hall forward or, depending on what their defence are looking like, can switch to put Potter (iii) or Marsh (iv) in there to make something happen .
I also think there is a decent possibility that COD might replace Rigg later on, particularly if the game is going well.

The problem with starting with Marsh and our two main wingers, is that there isn't so much he can do if things aren't going well. He could possibly move Potter up and bring Williams on for Marsh, but will that give the defence anything different enough to think about?"

So in short, I think we'll see Marsh (if fit) get some gametime (but not from the start) and, ironically given the return of Rigg, some sort of cameo from O'Dowda too. I very much doubt we'll see Shama at all, whether Marsh is fit or not.

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