Thank Cod it's Christmas

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Thank Cod it's Christmas

Post by slappy » Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:14 pm

Well, JPP is now out for a long time, Deane Smalley is still out but in recovery, and we have brought in Josh Parker on non-contract terms. Simon Heslop is suspended, Andy Whing remains injured. Also Adam Chapman is now out for a number of weeks. So presumably Simon Cox, or JFC in his last few games will fill in.

Tom Craddock seems to be regaining fitness, and Peter Leven is showing why we signed him in the first place. A front four of Rigg, Potter, Craddock, Constable is hopefully gelling with dangerous runs from Davis and Batt, and perfect balls in from Peter Leven.

according to the SkySports preview, Cod Army captain Steve McNulty is pushing for a start. Jon Parkin is absent, as is Barry Ferguson. Fleetwood have five consecutive draws.

Also, another website Where the goals atproduced these statistics, which I can't get to format properly...

Code: Select all

 	Oxford 	v 	Fleetwood Town 	
			H Team stats 		A Team Stats 	
		League Position 	18 		8 	League Position
		Played 	11 		11 	Played
		% H games Won 	45&#465 		36&#464 	% A games Won
		% H Games Lost 	27&#463 		18&#462 	% A Games Lost
		% H games Drawn 	27&#463 		45&#465 	% A games Drawn
		Total Goals Scored H 	19 		15 	Total Goals Scored A
		Av Goals Scored Per Game H 	1&#4673 		1&#4636 	Av Goals Scored Per Game A
		TOTAL Goals Conceeded H 	14 		9 	TOTAL Goals Conceeded A
		Av Goals Conceeded per Game 	1&#4627 		0&#4682 	Av Goals Conceeded per Game
		TOTAL Goals Per game (average) 	3&#4600 		2&#4618 	TOTAL Goals Per game (average)
		Occurences of no goals scored 	3 		4 	Occurences of no goals scored
		% of H games that the H team score in 	73 		64 	% of A games that the A team scores in
		Clean Sheets H 	4 		5 	Clean Sheets A
		H team clean sheet % when at H 	36&#4636 		45&#4645 	A team clean sheet % when A
		% games end BTTS when H team at H 	54&#4655 		36&#4636 	% games end BTTS when A team are A
		% H Games over 1&#465 Goals 	81&#4682 		54&#4655 	% A Games over 1&#465 Goals
		% H Games over 2&#465 Goals 	54&#4655 		45&#4645 	% A Games over 2&#465 Goals
		% H Games over 3&#465 Goals 	36&#4636 		36&#4636 	% A Games over 3&#465 Goals
		Av Corners Per Game when at H 	6&#4645 		4&#4691 	Av Corners Per Game when A

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