News from down the M40 II

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News from down the M40 II

Post by Mooro » Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:51 pm

Wycombe Wanderers supporters trust have taken control of the club in the last couple of weeks and on eof the first steps they have taken is to announce the closure of their youth academy, despite it producing a number of high profile talents in the last few years and contributing 8-10 members of the current first team squad....the reasoning being the costs versus the likely upper limit of £70k on any future sales to bigger clubs as a result of a change in the rules about tribunal awards.

This begs a few questions: i) is this a wise move for a club trying to be central to its community ii) they talk of a resumption at some point in the future, but would that ever be possible...
and more cynically: iii) are there any of the current crop that we can pick up and iv) is there any of the staff/scouts that we can add to our system to boost results?

V) Could we even step up our investment and use the WW system as an outpost of ours, on the proviso we get first dibs on anyone coming through?

I hope OUFC have already looked seriously at (iii) and (iv) (and even (v)) as it seems an opportunity to good to miss just down the road......

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