We (Don't) Believe part II

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We (Don't) Believe part II

Post by GodalmingYellow » Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:01 pm

OK, so we have identified that Wilder hasn’t been given the full player budget that is available under FL rules. We don’t know why, or whether other teams have been restricted as well. But we do know that because of costs incurred within the club, the player budget was restricted from the maximum available, and essentially that means the manager has had to supply a team based on finances at a level below that which the supporters might, to an extent, be entitled to expect.

So that is very much in Wilder’s favour.

What we can also do, is look at previous year’s turnover for other clubs, adjust that for known differences this season, such as changes in average gates, changes in TV money due to different divisions, and come up with what should be a reasonable guide to maximum budgets of other clubs, which we can then compare to our known actual budget.

This will give us the lowest placed we can be on player spending compared to other clubs and we can make a judgement as to our likely spending power.

I’m sure me and Slappy can come up with some suitable numbers for this, and from this we should be able to identify if we have finished in a reasonable position in terms of funding alone, which is just one of the factors we need to look at.

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