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Early views

Post by Resurrection Ox » Sat May 20, 2006 9:36 am

Which takes me nicely on to the future, and Mr. Nick Merry and his semi-secret investment partners. They could always make a donation to get around the wage cap rules and increase the chances of us getting back into The League at the first time of asking, if they so wished. Well, if they have so much dosh that they can afford to buy the Stadium then it would only take a fraction of that kind of money to attract some decent players and a decent assistant manager to the Kassam Stadium by kick off time next August.

Exactly. Turnover cap is riddled with holes.

I would imagine - and hope - that the asking price for the stadium went down once our relegation was confirmed. Leaving some extra dosh for new players via 'donation'. The question is - can we get the right playing staff to get out of the Conference first time??

My early view is that there is a hell of a lot being done off field.

Leaving Eagle under the microsope.

A big challenge.

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