The dreaded curse!

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The dreaded curse!

Post by Yellows! » Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:18 pm

I wasn't at the game today but as much as I love Oxford United any team who throws away a 2 goal lead doesn't deserve to win! We have seen it time and time again where we have taken the lead been 1 or 2 goals up and lost the game. I think it must be some sort of curse someone has put on us! Most probably some Slumdon town scum bag somewhere!!

I know a lot of people will be saying it's Chris Wilders fault and he needs to go but he made a very fair comment on yellow player that if the players aren't doing what he is asking them to do at half time then they shouldn't be in the side! yes he is partly to blame but so are the players are we going to be asking for their heads on a plate? I doubt it! imho I think there is going to be a bit of a shake up anyway King Chris has got rid of a few players and I expect he will get a few in lets just hope that it doesn't all go wrong!

Anyway rant over lets get over the loss and move forward we are still in a decent position and will learn from our mistakes I'm sure!!!
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