Cup out

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Kernow Yellow
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Cup out

Post by Kernow Yellow » Wed Sep 16, 2020 2:36 pm

Bit of a sickener last night. I just knew that we would regret missing all those chances in the first half, but for Watford to leave it so late, and then completely annihilate us at penalties, was grim viewing. Still, at least we showed that we can play more incisive football than we did on Saturday.

Clare was much improved, and looked useful. Sam Long filled in well at left back, and made some storming runs. A better winger might expose his weaker foot more though. Moore played well for 89 minutes, and proved a real threat from corners. Forde was a revelation. Hall was right on it, which is nice to see. And Cooper got stuck in well, despite missing an absolute sitter and some dodgy decision making. Agyei didn't really see enough of the ball to create much, despite our complete dominance for the first half hour. Osei had a bit of a thankless task, but didn't do it very well at all. Just didn't look up to speed mentally with his teammates.

The big worry is how much we crumbled in midfield after Kelly and McGuane came on, particularly when up against ten men. I reckon they both featured heavily in KR's plans for the season, but haven't got going at all.

Stevens' only mistake was starting to come for the cross which left him out of position for their equaliser. He looked very assured otherwise. Shame that he didn't get to be a shootout hero.

Much of the game was extremely watchable, made more so by the fact that the ifollow camera work was such an improvement on Lincoln's efforts. Not a bad service really for a tenner with RadOx commentary perfectly synched, especially when viewed on a big telly using an HDMI cable.

Oh well, we can concentrate on the League for a few months...

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Re: Cup out

Post by OtmoorYellow » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:15 pm

It was bad enough not being able to break down Lincoln's double decker bus park.

In truth it was much more difficult to swallow the defeat against Watford because we created so many top notch chances. Shooting over the bar from 6 yards out with a virtually open goal to aim at, hitting the post at least once, their keeper making 3 worldy saves in the 90 minutes, and numerous other near misses.

And then to be hit by the very late strike on a moment of lapse of concentration at the back.

And then the worst penalty shoot out I've ever seen us take part in.

Sickening as an away tie against Newport in the 3rd round represented another great opportunity to reach the latter stages of the competition.

And we had to pay £10 for the privilege of watching on a screen.

We need very much to start putting our chances away to get what we deserve from the games.

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Re: Cup out

Post by Radley Rambler » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:38 pm

Forde needs to learn to put a penalty the other side, his last three were in the same place, goalies do get told.

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