From the Rage Online newsdesk Wednesday, April 1st, 1992  

No thanks at all to Kevin Maxwell
There are times when our team attacks well
There’s diminutive John Durnin
On a 10p piece he’s turnin’
And there’s ‘twinkle’ Trevor Aylott
Skill for which we didn’t pay lots!
Simmo’s gone but Chrissy Allen
Keeps the wing alive with talent.
He’s so quick that Joey Beauchamp –
Most defenders never reach him,
And the skills of Jim Magilton
Poetry – a football Milton!
Midfield rule by ‘Mad Dog’ who is
Also known as Mickey Lewis.
At the back there’s Ceri Evans
Heading balls down from the heavens
We all hope the next we sell will
Not be good old Andy Melville
But instead perhaps Steve Foster
Who we all know’s such a coster!
Full backs Robinson and Smart
Hold special places in our heart
And as regards our goalie Veysey
Get past him? You must be crazy!
We won’t ever get the blues
Come on you yellows, up the U’s!

Bryon Johnson (the Beech Road Bard)

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