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Luca was a full-blooded, committed, terror in the midfield. An archetypal ball winner, who didn`t mind too much if he took the man as well as the ball. Born in Buenos Aires, and signed from some team in Malaysia, he had pedigree with Tenerife, and a flowing Argentinean hairstyle that Chris Hargreaves later copied. Although lacking in finesse, he eventually got into the swing of the English game, and at the end of Ramon Diaz`s tenure many Oxford fans regretted that the new management failed to offer him a new contract.

Goals in all competitions (incl. subs)

Scored 1 in total (1 for full appearances but none as a sub)

Highest number scored in one game is 1 .

6.25% Average goals per game (incl as a sub)

16.67% Average goals per game started

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Other clubs

UD Vecindario
Ethnikos Achna
Ayia Napia
CD Ceuta
Newcastle United
Grenada (Spain)

Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
League 2005-02-12 2005-04-30 11
Overall 2005-02-12 2005-04-30 11

Substitute competition data

Competition First Final Apps
League 2005-01-22 2005-04-02 5
Overall 2005-01-22 2005-04-02 5