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Daniel Brown, born in Bethnal Green, joined United from Barnet in the 2003/04 close-season. Brown is a left-sided midfielder and was tracked by Ian Atkins for some time prior to his signing. Although he didn`t have the most prestigious pedigree, early signs were that he could be very capable in that left-midfield berth. However, after being displaced in September having never played on a losing side for United, Brown was overlooked by Atkins and only reclaimed his place after an injury to Matt Robinson, when Graham Rix took over. Brown was released by Rix shortly after the end of the 2004/05 season.

Man of the Match
Boston (63%) 09/04/04
Lincoln (31%) 09/08/03

Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
Football League Trophy 2003-10-15 2003-10-15 1
League 2003-08-09 2004-08-28 15
League Cup 2003-08-12 2004-08-25 2
Overall 2003-08-09 2004-08-28 18

Substitute competition data

Competition First Final Apps
League 2004-08-11 2004-08-11 1
Overall 2004-08-11 2004-08-11 1