From the Rage Online newsdesk Thursday, October 1st, 1992  

So once again people, the man ‘Toast’ is in prose
To share with you yellows the stuff that he knows
This time it is keepers, and I’ll guarantee
We’ve all got our feelings on Mr Paul Kee

He’s got a bad habit of making mistakes
Sometimes he’s not got the courage it takes
to jump under pressure, catch it clean and so neat
and release it quite quickly to ‘Our Joey’s’ feet

He gets ribbings each week from both our fans and theirs
His legs are so skinny that his shorts look like flares
The sparse thatch on his head causes laughter galore
but it’s his honest intention to keep down the score

When he runs out at the start of a new game each week
You’re never too sure if he’ll be the star or the freak
But I’ll always stick by him (if it’s him in the gloves)
Because he plays for the side that this man just loves!


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