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From the Rage Online newsdesk Sunday, October 1st, 1989  

Getting Nowhere Fast


During a brief sojourn to Budapest I was hoping to report back to Raging Bull on an exciting top Hungarian 1st Division match. However it seems that when in Rome do as you would have at home, as everything stopped for the FA Cup Final. But our apartment did not have a TV and neither did any of the many bars I visited. So I had to resort to asking David Gedge on Sunday night.

At first I thought Glasnost hadn’t done much for Hungary judging by the graffiti: ‘Bros’, ‘Duran Duran’ ‘Pinks Floyd’, etc. Though ‘Nick Rhodes eat shit’ and a poster advertising ‘The Wedding Presents’ (they do like their plurals these Balkans) at the Yuk Club on the 21st May reassured me that Gorby’s doing the right thing.

Which brings me back to David Gedge. He replied to my earlier question: ‘I don’t know I don’t like football.’ Now this coming from a man whose band named one of their albums ‘George Best’ and attract a greater number of Leeds United fans to a gig in Budapest than there were in the Cuckoo Lane last season (NB most of them were in our end), seemed to me a bit odd.

Anyway, ‘The Wedding Present’ were brilliant, and their drummer had a broken arm. Compare this with the drummer of the support band, whose name I can’t remember (the band that is not the drummer), who had 2 arms in working order, but pink cords and a mouth as wide open as the U’s defence.

I then spent all day Monday trying to find a shop that sold replica Honved shirts. After endless hours of pavement plodding, searching every street between the Nep Stadium and the Danube, nearly col-lapsing from heat exhaustion I had no choice but to return home empty-handed. Still I did get ‘My Favourite Dress

Mark Gunther

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