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Fan’s View – 18/19 – no.47 – Coventry away

March 24, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

COVENTRY AWAY Bradford aftermath / Sky Blue anticipation I knew there were reality checks to be had after the euphoria and subsequent scarcely believable drama that followed the Mackie moment. I however chose to ride the warm glow well into the week before giving this serious contemplation. A few others took a different stance. So  more ]

Fan’s View – 18/19 – no.46 – Bradford at home

March 18, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

ANOTHER CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF OUR FOOTBALL CLUB AND YOU COULDN’T MAKE THIS ONE UP OXFORD UNITED 1 BRADFORD CITY 0 I’ve been watching OUFC for many many decades now and thought it very unlikely to witness anything really new. That proved to be very wrong. In all that time a game comes along  more ]

Fan’s View – 18/19 – no.45 – Rochdale away

March 13, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

ROCHDALE 0 OXFORD UNITED 0 Would we have scored if we were shooting at two goals? Looking out of my window at mid-day it was pouring down and the wind had knocked over all four of our dustbins. There were yellow weather warnings for the Greater Manchester area and it really was one of those  more ]

Fan’s View – 18/19 – No.44 – Gillingham Away

March 10, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

GILLINGHAM AWAY Pre-match thinking Although we gained maximum points from the two games prior, in no way had that alleviated the pressure. Depending on the way the results were to go on Saturday come five o’clock we could be anywhere in the table from 21st (boo) to 13th (hurrah!). All games are tough games. That’s  more ]

Fan’s View – 18/19 – no.43 – Scunthorpe at home

March 3, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

SCUNTHORPE AT HOME Pre-match thinking Stuart McCall was appointed manager of the Iron in August 2018. On Boxing Day they lost 2-0 at home to Luton. That in itself was no disgrace given the season the Hatters are having but it was their sixth straight defeat in the League and left them second bottom, having  more ]

Fan’s View – 18/19 – no.42 – Blackpool away

February 24, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

THAT FIRST AWAY LEAGUE WIN OF THE SEASON This win doesn’t alter the fact that the off the field situation at OUFC has not changed one bit but boy does it divert our minds from that depressing situation at least in the very short term. Tiger is still our owner; I’m still worried that bills  more ]

Fan’s View 18/19 – no.41- Accrington Away

February 20, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

ACCRINGTON STANLEY AWAY OUFC – The future looks bleaker by the day I wouldn’t have thought it possible but the outlook appears worse and worse by the day. We’re supposed to swallow the hollow words of the whole sustainability four pillars thing whilst the evidence mounts that off the field we’re a football club in  more ]

Fan’s View 18/19 – no.40 – Peterborough at home

February 17, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

PETERBOROUGH UNITED AT HOME One banner being hastily put up at 10 to 3 OUFC – The future, will it be bright or a dull grey? This week the Oxford Ultras announced that they would be disbanding at the end of this season. Reasons have been given and page after page of comments made on  more ]

Fan’s View 18/19 – no.38 – Burton away

February 3, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

BURTON ALBION AWAY Recruitment Thursday – Transfer deadline day. “We must get a striker” has been the mantra for months so when the man coming in on loan was announced as being Jerome Sinclair from Watford there was uproar from some. He’s made eleven league starts at various levels and come on nineteen times, scoring  more ]

Fan’s View 18/19 – no.37 – Barnsley at home

January 31, 2019 - Added by Paul Beasley

BARNSLEY AT HOME This is going to be a very lengthy one given our perilous state, so if you’re only interested in the Barnsley match I suggest you skip to the end. An upside down world PESSIMISM (As at 23 Jan) Yes again. Doom. Gloom. Mistrust. Anger. Following our second half showing at Fleetwood and  more ]