Addendum to Fan’s View no.18 (19/20)- Rotherham Away

Article by Paul Beasley Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019  


A Rotherham fan has been in touch and explained why the home support joined in the applause a bit after the Oxford fans.

Here’s some of what he said:

I just want to point out, as I think it very important that the Rotherham fans joined in 20 or so seconds after you guys started clamping on both occasions because there is an electronic clock situated right behind the away fans.

Indeed, when you guys started the 66 minute clap our clock was way behind, even more than the 16th minute start.

I would hope you noted Rotherham fans honouring your loss too. I know it’s trite to mention but it should be said too as respect is very important. Pretty much all the home fans joined in even when 1-2 down.

By the way. Fully deserved win. I think you gave us more credit on the pitch than we deserved.

Genuinely pleased to have this pointed out. Respect to the man and every fan who joined in.

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